Year-round cultivation in a foil tunnel

Year-round cultivation in a foil tunnel.
The foil tunnel is located in the middle between the frame and the greenhouse. Due to its simple and light construction, you can build it yourself. Usually tunnels are not heated, because heating costs are not compensated by earlier or larger harvests. However, a good harvest can be obtained in an unheated tunnel. An example of a year-round use of such a tunnel is given below.

In late February or early March, radish or radish and spinach are sown.

In March, head lettuce is sown (np. variations of 'As44', 'Maja', ‘Marta’, ‘So Minor’). At the end of March, we sow kohlrabi (np. varieties of 'Violet Vienna', 'Court' ego'), which, however, in too low temperature can knock out the inflorescence shoots. At the end of April, the beans are sown. Coordinates can be grown cress (peppercorns), radish or garden dill. In early May, after harvesting lettuce and radishes, you can plant tomatoes or peppers, and a little later sow cucumbers.

In mid-August, parsley is sown for the fall and spring harvest, and at the end of this month, kohlrabi can be planted again.

In early September, you can plant head lettuce or endive, and sow the radish until the end of this month.

Rapunzel is sown between 15. a 25. September. It can then be harvested in the winter.

Thus, without high heating costs, the tunnel can be used throughout the season and not only grow early or late radish, but also tomatoes and cucumbers.