Dwarf varieties of Norway spruce - Picea excelsa

Dwarf varieties of Norway spruce - Picea excelsa

Norway spruce is generally known, tall forest tree, however, almost miniature varieties were bred, which are perfect for plots. These include, among others:

Variety of Remonta (A tall pine tree); grows only up to half a meter, it has a conical or spherical shape, and the twigs are very dense; the needles are short, soft and light green.

Dwarf variety (Picea pygmaeus); it is similar to the previous one, but his needles are hard, dark green.

Barry variation (Picea excelsa barryi); grows up to 2 m, has a conical shape, but not very shapely, loose, less decorative than the previous ones.

Ohlendorf variation (Picea ohlendorfii); reaches its highest height 1,5 m, it has densely arranged shoots and a distinctly spherical habit (especially young specimens).

The conical variety of white spruce - Picea glauca conica is also very nice and original; forms extremely regular cones, very densely branched; the needles are short and soft.

These varieties are sometimes produced in our nurseries, but finding them takes a bit of a hassle. They are also quite demanding and look nice only when grown fertile, moist soils. They grow best in large areas “air humidity. Only the conical variety (conical) it feels good even in the dry and poor, but requires protection against large temperature fluctuations in winter. All listed varieties do not require pruning.