Dwarf cultivars of the Western Thuja - Thuja occidentalis

Dwarf cultivars of the Western Thuja - Thuja occidentalis

Such varieties can be found in historic parks, where they were used for geometric compositions (the so-called. ground floors) and they look as if they were heavily trimmed. Belong to them:

Spherical and compact spherical variety (Thuja occidentalis i T. o. compact globose), which are at most height and diameter 1,5 m, they form almost regular balls (the second is smaller and more densely branched).

Flattened variety (Thuja occidentalis); differs from the previous ones in that, that it grows more sideways, it is lower and darker in color.

Column variety (Thuja western column); is much higher than the previous ones (about 3 m) and looks narrow, blunt pole.

Thuja plants perfectly withstand urban conditions, they are indiscriminate as to soil and completely resistant to frost. They take on well after transplanting. The listed varieties do not require pruning, because they are naturally beautiful, regular habit and they do not grow strongly, so they do not cause any trouble, which is their valuable advantage.