Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)

In the gardens, through which flows a stream or stream, you can grow watercress, because it grows best in running water. It is a very valuable spice vegetable, which can be collected from October to May, if the water does not freeze. The condition for the success of this cultivation is a fairly mild climate with not very harsh winters.

Cress can also be grown in troughs filled with water (drawing). The seeds are sown in August. After emergence, the plants are placed in boxes or pots in a trough filled with water. The water level should not exceed the height of the plants, so that they can breathe freely. Cress requires very fertile soil.

When the plant is the right height, the ends of the shoots 6-8 cm long are cut off. After 4-6 weeks, cutting the plants can be repeated; then they should be fertilized.