Burak liściowy

Burak liściowy (Beta vulgaris var. vulgaris)

This underestimated plant, also called chard or mangold, belongs to the quinoa family (Chenopodiaceae), just like spinach. The leaves are the edible part of the chard. Their collection, similar to New Zealand spinach, falls during the summer period, when spinach or salads are missing. The following varieties are most often grown: typically leafy variety of 'Lukullus', o very large, wrinkled leaves, and tail varieties of 'Silber Gładka' and 'Silber Pomarszczona', about the delicate, white petioles, which are prepared like asparagus. Growing this plant is very simple. The seeds are sown in April or early May in co-rows 30 cm - in the case of leaf varieties and co 40 cm - in the case of stalk varieties. The distances in the row should be 10-15 and, respectively 30 cm.

From late June to autumn, the outer leaves are torn off, and leaves the middle ones. The nutritional requirements of this plant are average and they are satisfied by fertilizing with organic mixtures. It is advisable to mulch the soil, which promotes the growth of plants and saves us the work of caring for them.