Edible lamb's lettuce

Edible lamb's lettuce (Valerianella locusta)

It is a plant from the valerian family ( Valerianaceae), growing in the wild; it began to be cultivated only in the late Middle Ages. Lamb's lettuce should be grown in any garden due to the relatively high frost resistance of the leaves, making it a valuable source of vitamins during winter and early spring. Because it is a typical long-day plant, it is not sown until August or early September, directly on projecting beds or in rows 10-15 cm apart. The seeds should be lightly tapped or covered with a thin layer of earth. Wartościowymi odmianami są ‘Dunkelgruner Vollherzigerlub ‘Hollandischer Breitblattriger’, in Poland, the frost-resistant variety 'Etampes' is also recommended. After 4-6 days from sowing, the weeds can be destroyed by burning with gas. Because lamb's lettuce winter well in the ground, we can eat its fresh leaves like lettuce in the spring. In September, the seeds can also be sown in an inspection covered by a window. This guarantees fast and even plant development.