The selection of ornamental vines is quite large and includes many species that are well known and commonly used to cover fences and walls of houses.. They include, among others: Virginia creeper ("wild wine"), Japanese Virginia Creeper with glossy lobed leaves, beautifully reddening in the fall, and a fragrant grapevine. Of the rarer species, we can mention the arachnid, oh great, heart-shaped leaves and original flowers, and Aubert's knotweed, growing very fast and covering itself in clusters of whites, tiny flowers.

On the plot, they can be useful to cover the gazebo, fences, trekking or goal, however, they are more suitable for covering large areas of walls, for they grow in height and breadth, which forces them to be trimmed frequently. In addition, almost every garden plotter plants vines, to look forward to your own grapes, so little space is left for ornamental vines. Therefore, we will only discuss three kinds, not the easiest to grow, but very beautiful.