Animal excrements

Animal excrements.

Fresh cattle or horse manure is usually difficult to obtain for the gardeners. Gardeners can buy dry and powdered fertilizer in bags, which has been on the market recently. However, Peruvian guano has been on sale for a long time.

Guano. It is a long-known and valued fertilizer discovered on the coast of Peru in the middle of the last century. A little later it was also discovered on the shores of Newfoundland. For thousands of years, seabird droppings have accumulated on the west coast of South America, living there in millions of colonies and feeding on various fish living in the areas affected by the cold Humboldt current. Under the influence of the subtropical climate, these feces slowly decompose and turn into one-of-a-kind deposits, valuable organic fertilizer.
Until recently, huge amounts of this natural fertilizer were shipped to countries, where the effect of organic fertilizers was valued. Understandable, that with such intensive exploitation, the Doges are running out. This very valuable fertilizer can currently only be purchased in small quantities and at high prices. It is used to fertilize indoor plants.

Chicken manure. This fertilizer, commonly known as a pony, often replaces guano. Due to the development of large poultry farms, it is used throughout Europe. They are mostly clean feces, no mulch admixture. They are sold in the form of floury-lumpy or granulated form, fermented or dried, under different names. There are commercial batches of this fertilizer without antibiotic content.

You should know, that poultry fertilizers contain large amounts of essential nutrients, e.g.. nitrogen. When used in high doses, they can damage plants. Some fertilizer manufacturers provide specific recommendations for their use. Do not exceed the recommended doses (because we have plenty of this fertilizer in the vicinity of large farms, a there is no information on its chemical composition and methods of use, great caution in dosage is recommended.). Chicken manure is an excellent addition to slowly decomposing organic substances, like for example. tree leaves, perennial stalks or cabbage noodles. When used at a dose of 5-10 kg / m3, it greatly accelerates the decomposition processes.

Cattle faeces. In Western Europe they are sold dry - packed in bags. They come from cattle farms in California or from the grazing areas of the coastal belts of Europe. In France, however, from this fertilizer, mixed with skimmed grape seeds, valuable compost is obtained.