Technical project

The technical design is developed on the basis of the approved technical and economic assumptions and the necessary geodetic plans.
The aim of the developed technical design is to define in detail the tasks and elements set out in the assumptions. The technical design consists of a graphic part and a cost estimate.
The graphic part usually contains an orientation plan showing the position of the object against the background on a scale 1 :1000 or 1 : 5000 and a basic board showing the existing and designed elements to scale 1 : 250 or 1 : 500. The necessary markings of the various elements are given on the basic board, distances, elevation ordinates, etc..

For better readability of various elements, additional charts are prepared on the scale of the basic board, concerning e.g.. only topography and earthworks, road layout or plant elements. For a better visibility and clarification of construction details, connecting, or the division of rose elements, additional drawings are developed on a larger scale like 1 : 50 do 1:1, and sometimes even magnified 2 : 1, called working drawings. In the working drawings, the designed elements are also shown in side views, and sometimes in sections.

The descriptive part is a necessary supplement to the graphic part of the technical design; includes these terms and data, which cannot be expressed graphically. Usually there is such data there, how: description of the elements of the natural environment (soil, water, vegetation, climate), justification of the solutions adopted, description of the intended devices, etc., and a technological hint regarding the implementation and protection of the designed elements.

The cost estimate includes a detailed calculation of the cost of carrying out investment works, broken down into labor costs, materials and equipment. The pricing is based on the current price lists. The cost estimate consists of. the following parts:
— karty tytułowej (the name of the object, Author, construction cost, signatures of approvers);
— wykaz cenników i obowiązujących aktów prawnych, serving as the basis for the study;
— pozycji kosztorysowych określających koszt wykonania poszczególnych robót;
— tabeli elementów scalonych zawierającej koszty wyodrębnionych grup robót;
— przedmiaru robót określającego ich wielkości;
— wykazu materiałów.

The cost estimate may be divided into parts corresponding to the groups of works, like for example. earth and road works. A detailed cost estimate is necessary for the commencement of construction works and their settlement.