Landscaping of the land

In each project, the existing configuration is kept (sculptures) the terrain. This is not always possible, because it is often necessary to adapt the existing topography to the spatial and artistic concept of the project. Maintaining the existing surface configuration is all the more difficult, the richer the program of the object under construction and the richer the relief of a given area. Necessary changes are introduced by lowering or raising various parts of the area of ​​the future facility. For this purpose, excavations are carried out in certain places, and embankments in others. These works are called earthworks. Works related to the execution of excavations for buildings, expensive, foundations of elements of garden architecture, etc.. often not included in earthworks.
Changes in the topography are designed taking into account their plastic and compositional values, bearing in mind, that the earthworks should lead to the spatial and artistic enrichment of the object. As a result of the construction of embankments, dominant hills can be created, viewpoints, terraces, slopes and walls, toboggan and ski runs, sightseeing covers, windproof, acoustic, etc.. Excavation is often carried out for formation, enlarging or deepening water reservoirs. The occurrence of height differences is always conducive to a better display of the decorative value of various plant arrangements.