Vehicles should not be allowed to drive onto the top surfaces of the pile. The surface of the stockpiles should be protected against weed infestation during the storage period.

Fertile soil storage areas should be marked out in places not too distant from the work site, but not affected by height changes. Avoid placing piles in the vicinity of excavations or the edges of slopes, which may threaten them with a landslide.

If there are grassy surfaces with good-quality turf on the terrain of earthworks, it should be removed if it can be used. Before removing the turf, the grass should be cut as low as possible. It is best to move the turf and place it fresh, without periodic storage, which is laborious and may cause drying or creasing. The turf can be removed and stored rolled up or in square panels on its side 30 or 40 cm. The turf is laid flat in piles with a dozen or so layers of grass to the grass, The storage period cannot be too long and should not exceed a few to several days, depending on weather conditions. The most unfavorable conditions for storage are high air temperatures and high humidity of the turf.