Elements of utilities

The elements of utilities are cables and installations located under the ground surface. These are water pipes, sewerage, electric, telecommunications, gas, heating and drainage. Some of these cables may be in the area given to the device. Their location should be shown on the inventory plans, serving as geodetic bases for the development of the project and on the technical designs of the facility.. Other weapons may be designed, that is to be made and should also be clearly presented on the technical project. Projected networks, e.g.. electric, they may be branches of existing networks. Some existing installations, mp. transit water pipe, cannot be used to train the local water supply network. Decisions in this respect are made by employees of these specialties; they are also entrusted with the preparation of installation designs.

For the gardener of green spaces- knowing where the cables run is very important. During earthworks, especially when changing the height of the terrain, there may be a risk of destruction or damage to the cable. High-voltage cables can endanger the lives of workers carrying out the works. For these reasons, precise marking of these places during the works is necessary.