Creating green area objects

The creation of green space features is complex and lengthy. The complexity is there, that the construction of any facility involves many tasks, the fulfillment of which requires knowledge and skills in various fields. Four basic groups of issues can be distinguished, which designers and contractors most often meet. These are the issues: natural, technically, plastic, sociological.

Natural issues arise from the fact, that each object is created in the natural environment and is created primarily with the help of plants. So the right choice of place is important here, that is, the right location. Its purpose is to protect and proper use of natural elements of the natural environment, such as soil, vegetation, water etc.. and ensuring proper conditions for the development of the facility's vegetation and recreation. The profession of a green area gardener requires extensive knowledge of nature, especially during implementation, subsequent maintenance and use of the facility.
Technical issues are related to the necessary equipment of almost every facility with various technical elements. These include, first of all, water supply devices, plumbing and electric. The design and manufacture of these elements is usually entrusted to specialists.

A significant amount of knowledge and technical skills is required from gardeners of green areas in the field of garden paving, elements of garden architecture and equipment. Therefore, to meet these tasks, it is necessary to learn about basic building materials,the ability to apply them, connection and maintenance. Design and construction of architectural elements, like for example. garden pavilions and engineering buildings, like for example. bridges, is usually entrusted to specialists from these industries and the relevant construction companies.

Artistic issues related to a specific object already occur when creating a spatial and artistic concept on an urban scale. At this stage, the aim is to ensure order and spatial order by establishing mutual neighborhood, the proportion and quality of various objects in a given area. A significant extension of artistic tasks occurs during the creation of a spatial and artistic concept of a given object and in the detailed design of various elements. This kind of work, next to the appropriate theoretical preparation, requires extensive practical experience in the use and care of plants, without which it is impossible to develop a space-time imagination, that is, the ability to predict phenomena related to plant growth, changes in local conditions, e.g.. soil and light. These skills, to a certain extent, are also required of gardeners and landscaping technicians, because implementing various artistic concepts without proper understanding and feeling does not bring the required results. Therefore, these skills of green area workers are highly valued. The work of their work and effort largely shapes people's surroundings; for this reason, the work of a gardener and a technician of green areas should be characterized by order and culture. Bad quality of the work performed, neglect of care and maintenance, general sloppiness and destruction contradict role and task, which green area objects should serve.