Playground surfaces

The decisive conditions for choosing a surface for a specific type of game are:
- safety in falls (smoothness required, flexibility, and even softness),
- the possibility of sudden changes in speed and direction (high adhesion required)
- the possibility of bouncing or rolling the ball (smoothness required, hardness).

Moreover, the surface of the playing fields is required:
- resistance to intensive use,
- possibility of use regardless of weather conditions,
- durability,
- low cost of construction and maintenance.

These conditions are difficult to meet entirely in relation to the pitch for only one game, and the more so, it is impossible to make a pitch surface that meets the requirements of different games., and therefore universal. Applied grass surfaces, groundwater (peanuts), various types of hard and special, i.e. mainly made of plastics, they have very different characteristics and correspond to a different extent to the abovementioned cookers.