Building sandboxes for children, part 2

Clinker brick is often used in the construction of sandboxes. Its advantages are durability, high durability, smooth surface and nice color. Thanks to these advantages, walls made of clinker bricks do not require additional processing.

Often the walls of sandboxes are made of sand-lime brick. However, it is an absorbent material, easily crushing action of ice; the surface of such walls is difficult to keep clean.

tmp3684-1 Cross-section of a sandbox with L-shaped prefabricated walls and a water-permeable bottom; 1 - coarse-grained sheet drainage layer, 2 - prefabricated table-bench.

The bottom surface of the sandbox should always be strengthened, which makes it difficult to dig the substrate and mix it with sand. Permeable bottoms are made horizontally, impermeable ones, however, must have slopes directed to the absorbent well. The permeable bottom is usually built of paving slabs with dimensions 35 x 35, stacked on 10 -20 -centimeter layer of coarse sand (the thickness of the layer depends on the permeability of the substrate). The gaps between the plates should be 1 – 2 cm. The use of boards with dimensions 50 x 50 makes it difficult for children to extract them for play purposes.

The impermeable bottom of a sandbox is usually made by placing the same boards on a layer of sand several centimeters long and filling the gaps between the boards with cement mortar.. The absorbent well in such a sandbox is usually filled with coarse aggregate and covered with a slab or stones. The impermeable bottom can also be made of various bituminous masses.

The sandbox walls can be made stepped (with 2 or 3 degrees), which makes it easier to get in and out, and at the same time it allows for placing steps on the surface of "cakes". Inside sandboxes, various tables and benches are often placed to allow you to sit down and play. The recommended material for making such sandbox equipment is wood, for example, various boards or logs. These elements are most often attached to metal brackets built into the side walls of the sandbox or to supports embedded in its bottom. Spikes made of cut trunks set in the sandbox can play a similar role, placed logs of wood and various solid concrete elements.