Preparatory work

Small green area objects can be built using the technical facilities existing in a given enterprise, rooms, warehouses, etc.. Larger facilities, however, require proper organization of the construction site consisting in:
- temporary fencing of the material storage area, utility and administrative premises,
- setting up or constructing temporary rooms for machinery, devices, small repair shop, etc.,
- setting up or building rooms for employees,.
- construction of a temporary water supply system, electricity;
- execution of the necessary sanitary facilities.

Room sizes may vary. There are small areas for works, not too far from the main bases, warehouses, etc.. it is usually sufficient to set up special transportable barracks, serving as rooms for employees, tool magazine etc..
The developed construction site may be used by the management to conduct other construction sites. This is important in view of this, that the cost of setting up the construction site is borne by the contractor.
The construction site development method should comply with occupational health and safety and fire regulations.

The Principal is obliged to provide the contractor with the construction site of the size and condition enabling the commencement and execution of the entrusted works. The date of construction handover is set in the contract. The land may be partially donated, if it has been stipulated in the contract. Prior to the commencement of works, the Principal is obliged to perform the following activities on its own account:
- designate the main measurement lines in the field, at the agreed time, in a permanent manner, object axes, building lines, necessary heights, etc.,
- set up and secure permanent leveling points for the contractor's needs (repery).

In addition, the client is obliged to provide the contractor with a land development plan, that is, underground devices located in this area, such as: water pipes, sewerage, electric, etc..

Before starting the executive work, it is necessary to define the tasks and responsibilities and their division among the individual workers. For this purpose, prior to the commencement of construction works, the manager should familiarize the staff with the facility design, discuss the type and scope of works, present deadlines, etc.. The construction manager is responsible for the division and course of the works performed. According to this division, all employees should then receive detailed instructions, as well as should be controlled, if the entrusted work is properly performed.
Before the commencement of works, the facility construction manager is obliged to make sure, that in a visible place at the entrance to the construction site there is an information board with the necessary information on the construction site, determined by the relevant regulations.