Building sandboxes for children, part 2

Clinker brick is often used in the construction of sandboxes. Its advantages are durability, high durability, smooth surface and nice color. Thanks to these advantages, walls made of clinker bricks do not require additional processing.

Often the walls of sandboxes are made of sand-lime brick. However, it is an absorbent material, łatwo ulegającymread on

Playgrounds part 3

The play equipment is made of various materials, some of them are most often used, like for example. wood. Various trunks are such play elements made of wood, boughs, spikes, etc.. from trees being removed. Rotten trunks can be successfully used as valuable elements of playground equipment. Najczęściej jednak urządzeniaread on

Playgrounds part 2

Special gardens are known, in which the department called robinsonada was organized. This department stocks a considerable amount of various building materials, mainly wood. In Robinsonade, children can build various structures by organizing themselves into groups and helping each other. Ten rodzaj zabawy spotyka się we wszystkich ogrodach na święcie z ogromnymread on

Playgrounds part 1

The type and number of playground equipment for children may vary and depend on many factors such as: age of users, anticipated program, local conditions, quality of facility supervision, etc..

Children's play equipment itself can also be very, different, co wynika między innymi z różnorodności poglądów na temat ichread on


Trellises and pergolas very often serve as supports for various climbing plants. Different walls are also good places for climbers, building surfaces and fences. Woody climbing plants have a different ability to grasp supports and the appropriate adaptation depends on this, that allows a specific creeper to grow in the desired direction, lub dobór roślinyread on