Wall poles

The basic elements of trellises and pergolas are poles. These columns carry not only vertical loads, but also the forces acting in the horizontal direction. Climbing plants overgrowing pergolas or trellises with a dense weave of shoots create a very large area over time, which loads the poles significantly during gusts of wind. … read on

Trellises and pergolas

Trellises and pergolas are among the most interesting elements of garden architecture. Their meaning is different. Most often they are built to shade specific places, which is achieved either by planting various climbing plants next to these elements and spreading over them, or by using shading elements, in the right arrangement.

tmpc977-1Shadows appearing in hours read on

Make changes to the existing relief on a surface

Introducing changes to the existing topography may be difficult or even impossible for various reasons. For example, you shouldn't make major changes to the vicinity of large trees, because they always have an adverse effect on the growth and development of these plants.
Lowering the height of the terrain is often impossible due to the existence in the given area … read on

Landscaping of the land

In each project, the existing configuration is kept (sculptures) the terrain. This is not always possible, because it is often necessary to adapt the existing topography to the spatial and artistic concept of the project. Maintaining the existing surface configuration is all the more difficult, the richer the program of the object under construction and the richer the relief of a given area. Necessarily … read on

Vegetation and elements of armaments

There are relationships between the development of a green area and its vegetation which are very important for professional practice. The impact is two-way. Examples of aggression of the roots of some tree species against many underground devices and installations have been known for a long time; but the negative impact of some installations is also known, especially district heating, on the surrounding vegetation.

Do … read on

Types of weapons

Water pipes. Water supply pipes are made of pressure cast iron pipes, galvanized steel or covered with bitumen on both sides, asbestos-cement and plastic dive. The water pipes are constantly running at depth 1,5-2,0 m depending on local soil freezing conditions. Summer water pipes (seasonal) lays down in depth 30-60 cm … read on